Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Mac Purchase:) And some Brushes

I just got these things today, so I cant really do a review on them but once I've began to use them I will let you know how their working:)
So first off, I got an eyeshadow in Bisque, its a matte eyeshadow and is very light basically skin colour. It is extremely soft and very pigmented. The only thing is, I don't have an all over eyeshadow brush ( i know, weird) so I use my fingers. And when using my fingers it requires lots and lots of layers, for some colour to show through. But it is a nice all over neutral shadow.
Next, I got The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium, this is my first time buying it so I'm excited to try it out, if anyone knows anything about it, feel free to tell me.
And lastly I got MACs studio Finish Concealer in NC15, very creamy I really like it! But I do feel like its going to run out quickly, just because it is really creamy, which will make me use more of it:P Once again if you have anything to say about this product, feel free to leave a comment:)

From Left to right- Mineralize Skinfinish, Studio Finish Concealer, Bisque

So as for brushes, I went to my local shoppers drug-mart to buy them, because I had a bunch of points and therefor could buy around 55 dollars worth in stuff. So basically I was looking for something that I could apply the concealer with and also something to buff in my powder. I ended up with two Lise Watier Brushes, which were very reasonably priced:) I was going to get smashbox ones but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on brushes! I know people will tell me time and time again that brushes are an investment and if i buy a good quality set it will last me forever but I just cant ever see that happening:P Anyways, I got a kabuki brush and a blending brush.
The kabuki brush was looking fine and dandy until I washed it... when purple water started coming out. I don't know why or how that happened, I'm thinking either its the dye from the brush or maybe i took a tester? either way, it was weird, other then that its a great brush, very dense and I would recommend it to anyone. Now, the blending brush will be used as a concealer brush and i really like it, its big and soft so pretty good:)


  1. I love the concealer and the MSF. The concealer is great for covering dark circles and the MSF is a really nice powder x

  2. Hey, I've not tried these products before but I'm on a hunt for a concealer. If you have time, I hope you can do a quick review on them =).


  3. The MAC haul looks lovely; I can't have enough MAC! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it so far. :)