Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Im on a blogging roll!:) woo
Anyway heres what I'm really feeling and also things that are just yucky:(

- V.C ANDREWS! love her, she writes awesome awesome awesome creepy kinda horror books. A lot of them are pretty old ( i got mine at a used book store) but the content is just amazing, she really knows how to write
- Neutrogena's Anti residue Shampoo, totally what I needed. It stripped my hair of all the gunk and crap that had been building in it for months. I used it in combination with the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep conditioner and Im just loving it! The shampoo took out all the heavy products in my hair and then the conditioner just pumped it full of nutrients. The triple moisture conditioner is one of those conditioners that actually leave your hair feeling and looking shiny. I wouldn't recommend using the shampoo every day though as it can leave your hair feeling brittle and squeaky. The smell of both are nothing special but who cares!

- Foundation and concealer not lasting all day:( for some reason, in recent weeks, I cannot seem to get my makeup to stay on for more then 4 hours. Its really starting to bother me! I dont touch up my makeup because I am still in high-school and find it really weird and embarrassing to do so while in school (I dont know why but I do). Anyway, I start with Smashbox photofinish primer, then my foundation, Maybeline's dream Liquid Mouse in light 1, then use Almay concealer and top it off with physicians formula Mineral wear translucent powder and once in a while I'l put on Make up Forevers High definition Powder. I know part of the problem is the fact that im using cheap concealers and foundation but if you have any suggestions Im open to buying anything. I do have oily, VERY sensitive skin though so a foundation that caters to those needs would be great.


  1. Its so annoying when makeup doesnt stay on all day. Due to that reason I went and bought all this MAC stuff and it is better then the cheaper stuff but I still have a problem..grr it's probally due to the humitity or whatever. Now i'm thinking of going even more expensive and may try out chanel.

    I understand how you feel weird touching up at school, so do I. But I wait till there is like no one in the bathroom and do it really quickly usually during class so theres less people.

  2. go and check Revlon colorstay : awesome staying power !

  3. I know eh?! oh really, well lemme know how that turns out!:) Haha thank god im not alone:P Good Idea!

    Ya i use that every so often, for special occasions and what not, but if I use it for more then 2 or 3 days in a row I start to break out:( So I space it out:) It is a really great foundation though!:)