Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wishlist!:) First Edition!:)

Christmas is fast approaching and there still isn’t snow on the ground! I love it! It usually gets really cold and snowy here but I’m hoping for a green christmas! Anyway, because its getting so close, I thought it was necessary to show you guys just what I am dying for!:)
So first and for most, I will not get all of this stuff, nor do I expect it all but it is nice to dream:)
This year, more than others, I asked for a lot of makeup and jewelry. Typically I will ask for clothes and money and be more then happy with that. But as I’m getting more into makeup, Im discovering more and more things and I would just really like to expand my collection:) Jewelry has always been a love of mine, I wear a necklace basically everyday and feel naked without one. My ring collection is also slowly but surely beginning to grow in size.
This is just my first edition, I am going to do 1 of these each week:)

So lets start off with jewlery. I have recently discovered Betsey Johnson and I just love her jewelry:) Unfortunately I dont know where i can find it in Canada, and the shipping costs online are just to expensive!:( But I do love how unique and quirky her stuff is. .
So heres what I want from that site!:)

And now for Tiffany and Co, love this stuff, its so simple and classis. Their pieces are expensive but well worth it.
This is the Elsa peretti Open Heart Necklace, SO CUTE! I love her stuff

Along with the necklace she has a ring, which is adorable! It is the Elsa Perretti Open heart Ring. This is probably my favourite piece of jewelry ever!

And as far as makeup goes, I really want the Sigma SS 188, small duo Fibre Brush, SS 224 Tapered Blending Brush and the SS 239 I dont have any Sigma Brushes but have heard nothing but good reviews on them.
What's on your christmas list?!:)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I know ive been away for a while, and I apologize! I’ve had a lot of school work this week:( but thats all done with and its the Friday now!:) Well I might post this in a couple days, because I’m going to the states today:) I’m hoping to find a lot of good deals here:) Im also going to a CCO, which is very exciting because we dont have anything like that in Canada, well not that I know of. So I just wanted to do a quick update and let you know where I’m at, and let you know about the upcoming blogs:)
- My favourite nail polishes, reviews and regrets:)
- Mac Concealer REVIEW
- Christmas Wishlist
- Mascara review, favorites and reviews

So there ya go, look for those in the near future:) If you have any requests on some posts for me feel free to leave a comment below, I’m open to anything. Hope everyones doing well!:)
xoxo, Emilie!:)