Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does anyone else suffer from this fear?

Shopping for makeup is a fun, exciting time, right? Well for most people it is, myself included. But that joy leaves my mind as soon as I set foot in MAC. I live in constant fear that the ladies and men working at MAC are judging my makeup and how I do it, and for that very reason, I have yet to buy a MAC item in store, but instead have ordered everything online.
Now before you write me off as crazy, listen to my reasoning. The people in there are all trained in beauty, and know far more then I could ever imagine, which in turn, makes them intimidating. And if thats not enough every single one of them looks like they have just stepped off a runway, all are strikingly beautiful, which leads to me to feel like a lesser individual. I feel embarrassed as I purchase something because I feel as though they are critiquing it. In reality I know they aren't and i know they are just doing there job, but until the day comes that untrained and less beautiful people begin to work at MAC, I will continue to purchase online.
Does anyone else feel the same way?
Anyway, this post comes because I am just on the way out the door to do some shopping, perhaps I'l drop into MAC? Nah, highly doubtful.
xoxox, Emilie


  1. I know how you feel!
    I also find the people who work there are stuck up >_< ... Whenever I go to MAC i just feel really uncomfortable, maybe that's why I'm not a big fan of them =/...

  2. Exactly!:) thank god I'm not the only one out there!:)

  3. Went into a MAC store the other day and thought the girls were gorgeous. Luv the violet trance eye shadow but I can't always find what i'm looking for :-(