Monday, November 23, 2009

Aerie- Katie: Dupe for Michael Kors Very Hollywood

I was recently out shopping when I remembered that one Thursday per month I can go and get my free gift from Aerie, so off I headed. I went to the cash and the lady told me that I had the choice of one of the four little dabber bottles of perfume. I looked over them and quickly realized that the perfume I had been debating buying the previous week was there, so naturally I chose that one.
And that is the one named "Katie", its in a clear bottle and has a cute little bow top, it holds 75 mL of the perfume. Everyday for the last week I have been wearing this perfume and I must say that it smells very much like the Michael Kors Very Hollywood, which I am DYING for for Christmas. The full bottle of the Aerie perfume is around 50$ or so and the Very Holly wood Set (including a 1.7 oz spray bottle and lotion) costs around 65 dollars.
I debated getting the Aerie perfume but decided that for a measly price difference of just 15 dollars I should just get the Very hollywood. As it probably has a longer lasting scent and truly is the one I fell in love with. Not to mention the Very Hollywood bottle is TO DIE FOR.

The scent is very refreshing yet also musky it has hints of orange and floral from what I smell. But I do remember reading somewhere that a perfume smells differently to everyone that smells it. I envision it as a dressy going out smell but at the same time very summery and active. Its one of those perfumes that you can go anywhere with and do anything.
Anyway, thanks for reading


  1. In your opinion I would be better off buying Michael Kors for a gift for my 16 year old daughter for christmas? Do you know the best place to buy it at in Canada?

  2. The Michael Kors Very Hollywood tempts me every time I'm in perfume department. I really like your background!

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  3. @Anonymous. Haha yes, I would definitely suggest that. Another option is the Original Juicy Couture, LOVE that one! The best place would probably be a department store such as Sears or The bay but another option is Sephora online, they offer great deals!:)

    @GoldieLocks7. Haha me to, I just can't bring myself to spend the money! Thanks I got it at, they have really great free backgrounds there, and they are SUPER easy to put in:)
    I checked it out! YOur blog is great, you've got yourself a new subscriber!:) I LOVE your jewelry !:)

  4. I checked out Michael Kors today while shopping and liked the scent. But I much prefer Kenzo and all of their perfumes. But they are really hard to find.

  5. Do you really? The Kenzo perfumes are my moms all time favourite perfumes. I buy her one nearly every christmas, I smelt one today that I think is new, it was in a small white bottle and smelled strongly of lilac, it was so nice. In canada, it can be purchased in The bay (which is like a large department store) and also in Sephora,(so maybe you could order online) they also have it in a lot of drugstores.