Monday, November 23, 2009

I went into MAC! :)

Without Flash (Satin Taupe on left, Well dressed on right)

With Flash

So the other day, I went out looking for a dress, but instead I ended up in MAC. Now this was not a MAC store but instead a little kiosk in a bigger department store. So I walked through it quickly but my mom was not about to let me walk out of there empty handed. So i went back, with my sweaty nervous palms and picked out a blush and eyeshadow. I really wanted the 239 brush but they were behind the checkout counter which means I would have had to ask for it, and that was not about to happen.

But I am very happy with my purchases! This was my very first MAC blush. I have been using the NARS orgasm for the longest time but found that it was just to dark for my skin tone. So I got the MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed, it is a very nice light peachy pink colour. I apply it with the MAC 168 brush just to the apples of my cheeks, it gives a nice light rosy effect.
I also go the eyeshadow in Satin Taupe. I heard a lot of great things about this eyeshadow. Mainly that if you were running late or having a lazy day you could just sweep it over your lid and go. And I must say, this is true, its a great go to colour. I have used every day since buying it and have paired it with different crease and outer corner colours every day. I really like it with Mulch is the crease and any dark brown in the outer corner or revlon matte eyeshadow in Riviera blue. Which is a nice dark blue colour.

When swatched, I find that Satin taupe comes off a little darker then it actually does on the lid but other then that the quality is great, very smooth and seamless.

Anyways, I had a question; I have been watching a lot of youtube videos lately and I see girls saying that they need to return their empty packages to mac? So if anyone could let me in on that, it would be greatly appreciated.

xoxoxo, Emilie


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog!

    I have a make-up question for you. I have medium-blue eyes and eyeshadow always looks blah on me. What color should I use?

    Thanks again!

  2. when you have 6 empty items of mac products, you keep them and you return them : in exchange they give you a lipgloo or an e/s (it's called back to MAC)

    Then I Saw on lolipop26 that you were searching where to buy NYX in canada so here is the site link with the store locator : and there's a store locator
    If you want to be online go and see swatchs from Make up geek or Spektra because it's impossible to choose a color from the internet site

    Hope this helps !

  3. No problem:) I would definitely recommend either browns or gold tones, that would look nice. A darker shade of blue may also work to bring out the blue in your eyes even more:)

    Oh wow, thanks for letting me know, I'l be sure to do that:) Thanks so much, thats really helpful!:)

  4. 2 of my all time fav mac goodies great post missy xoxo