Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review- LUSH Snow Fairy

You can click to enlarge this and see the sparkles!!

So the very first Lush product I have ever purchased was the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel. And I absolutely LOVE it! The smell is just wonderful! Its very candyish and also has a kind of strawberry banana scent. I use just a little bit on a loofah and its very nice, it lathers almost immediately and fills the bathroom with a heavenly scent. I have also tried just squirting a little in my hand and rubbing it all over but it doesn't lather as well that way and also doesn't leave the scent lingering on your body for a long time. But I do find that with a loofah the smell stays for a good couple of hours, I do with they made a body lotion though, that would be wonderful!
By far, my favourite thing about it is that it is very gentle on my sensitive skin; with a lot of cleansers I find myself covered in red bumps the next day but this one doesn't do that to me, which is a great relief. I will definitely continue to buy this product year after year, and it has also made me more aware of Lush. I think I will try out a couple more of their products, I am allergic to bubble bath and things like that though so I may just be sticking to soaps and shower gels:)
Anyways, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a sweet, happy, fresh shower gel and is willing to spend a little bit extra. I bought the 500ml and that came out to 20$ but I'm pretty sure they come in smaller sizes.
Oh and I forgot to mention that their is a small gathering of sparkles at the bottom of the container, this worried me at first but i dont think it will be a problem:)
The next thing on my wish-list is "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap, I hope your listening Santa!:)


  1. oooh i love lush! everytime i pass their store i get a massive whiff of goodnesss ahhahah :)

  2. Was at lush today and it was great. What do you suggest to get from there if i'm looking to but gifts for my friends or colleagues?

  3. Really? Same!
    Actually they have really great gift boxes there, and they contain a lot of great products. Another good thing about them is that you can basically find a box that fits your price range. My mom bought one today for a colleague and I think it cost around 35 dollars which is very reasonable considering it containred 4 items. They are also wrapped up beautifully! Il post a picture of a box on my next post if you'd like:)
    Anyway, I believe you can get them from around 15 dollars all the way to 200! And in my area, and possiblt everywhere (im not sure) they are having a promotion where if you spend 70 dollars you get a free 250ml bottle of the Star Fairy and if you spend 90 then you get a 500ml bottle (this is a 20 dollar value!) So this would be a great time to pick one up!
    Hope this helps!