Thursday, April 7, 2011


Prom is right around the corner! I already have my dress and shoes but I have yet to finalize my hair and makeup:( I am very indecisive and also nervous about the whole ordeal. I have folders on my desktop dedicated to my prom hair and makeup, every time I see a celebrity picture I like I pull it out and add it to the folder, and lemme tell you its pretty thick!

I bought my dress a few months back, a picture of it will be posted below. as you can see, it is dark blue with dark sequin/diamonds around the bust. I really love it! Once I tried it on I just knew it would be the one! But theres only one problem, although the dress looks great on, I dont know what colours I should do for makeup! HELP!! I typically stick with neutral colours (browns, beige) but I dont think that would go very well with the dark blue. But if I go with blue eyeshadow I feel like it might be a little bit overboard, what do you think?

I also dont know wether or not I should year my hair up or down. Im afraid if I wear it down and curly that the curls will fall and I will be left with limp lifeless hair by the end of the night, which is the LAST thing I want. But on the other hand, My hair doesn't look that great when it is up and I would really like to show of my new extensions. Leave a comment if you have gone to prom or any other special event and what your thoughts on hair are:)

As I have mentioned before, I get very intimidated by makeup artists. I always feel as though they are judging me and secretly laughing at me. But I am going to have to face my fear for prom, I need to get my makeup done professionally somewhere I think but Im not sure where. I have heard so many horror stories about ugly makeup and having to go home and redo it yourself.

I also dont know the etiquette of going to get your makeup done. Because I do my own makeup every day I have come up with little tips that help my makeup melt better into my skin and I know the dry parts of it and how it looks with certain colours. So do I tell my makeup artist all this? Do I bring her my usual foundation? DO I tell her I get oily but have dry patches? Oh there is just so much to think about! And on top of all that, I have no idea where I should go, I want a professional but I'm very particular to what I like and dislike as far as my makeup goes

Anyway's I think thats enough ranting for tonight. I wil leave you guys with a few of the pictures I was considering for my makeup followed by a couple pictures of what I would like to do with my hair. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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