Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hair Extensions

Its been a couple months but I am still craving some extensions! It seems like I notice them on girls more and more lately. I dont know if it's because I am looking for them more or if they are simply getting more popular?! But none the lessI still really want a pair!

I've been on the hunt for a while know so that I could get the perfect pair! Last month I saw a set of the Jessica Simpson clip in ones and I decided to go ahead and try them out. They are 18 inches, synthetic hair and pre curled. At first they looked great, they were shiny and soft and blended perfectly with my hair texture and colour. They were different then most in the way that they're is only one weft, that has around 6-8 clips and it clips all around the bottom back of your head. After a couple of outings with them they were completely ruined. They got completely fuzzy and hair was flying everywhere, knots started to form and overall it was just a mess. So needless to say I would not recommend them to anyone. Luckily I bought them at Winners so they were relatively cheap which makes me feel a bit better about the purchase. So after that happened I hung the creepy fake hair up and started my search again.

This time I decided to go big or go home. I did a lot of research, looked at other blogs, and review sites as well as a lot of the beauty gurus on youtube in search of the perfect set of extensions. I talked to a family friend who suggested that I go to Sally's and make my own but I dont think I'm at that level just yet. I decided to go with Hello Gorgeous Hair extensions. I watched some other Canadians on youtube who all vouched for the company and I also checked out the Facebook group to see what the consumers thought of the product and everything looked good. I wasn't entirely sure what colour I should get or if I should go with a combination but luckily I was able to post a picture of myself to the facebook page and the lovely Shannon (who deals with all of the people on facebook) got back to me quickly and suggested a combination that looks like it will be absolutely great! I'm hoping that my extensions will come in time for prom and around that same time I will post a more in depth review with the speciic pros and cons of the extensions. But for know I am really looking forward to getting the long luscious locks! I can't wait until I can curl my hair the Kardashian way! AHH I am beyond excited about all of this.!!

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